Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Next Great Scent

My dear (and oh so handsome) friend Jeff recently received the latest fragrance from Frederic Malle – Pierre Bourdon Bois d'Orage (aka Thunder Wood). I literally wanted to curl up next to him just so I could inhale the complex, exciting scent. Available in late September for $160 (100 ml.) at Barneys.

Please note: This is coming from the girl who still loves Cool Water and Jean Paul Gaultier, so if that’s not your “thing,” steer clear.


Jeff said...

I love, I love... although, the person who sits next to me at work did tell me the other day that I smell like a mix between a christmas tree and cedar chips. Maybe it should be marketed for "the upscale hippy".

Anonymous said...

Kate, i love your blog! It's got great stuff on it, and very well written and the layout and look is great!

Keep it coming, Sistah!


Emma said...

Gosh, I wonder how Jeff just happened to "receive" such a marvelous fragrance... ;)