Friday, February 22, 2008

Kate's Top 10 "Stayin' Home Sick Ain't Easy" TV Shows

After more than a week (!!!) at home with the flu, I have compiled the all time greatest TV shows to get you through the inevitable time some of you will face at home. Please note, the Mercedes of all cable packages is essential for a full experience/recovery.

  1. CSI (CBS) – This is when On Demand really comes in handy. I’ve watched at least 20 episodes of CSI, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY

  2. NCIS (CBS) – I never even gave it a chance until yesterday and now I’m looking into joining the “Naval Criminal Investigative Service” myself.

  3. The Office (NBC and TBS) – Duh. (Note: On Demand charges for all NBC shows. As if!)

  4. Law & Order (USA, NBC, TNT, etc.) – Double duh.

  5. Life After People (History Channel) – Due to creepy factor, this show didn’t make the top spot. However, it was definitely the most fascinating.

  6. Millionaire Matchmaker (BRAVO) – Patti isn’t f’ing around.

  7. Make Me a Super Model (BRAVO) – WAY better than America’s Next Top Model, mainly because of the co-ed competition, of course.

  8. Classroom: The Presidents (History Channel) – Not that I needed a refresher on the Presidents: 1945 – Present.

  9. The Universe: Secrets of the Sun (History Channel) – My IQ went up at least a point. Watch out.

  10. Lock Up (MSNBC) – Strangely captivating.

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Mamma say, Mamma Sah, Mamma Cou Sah! tha'ts what i gots to say!