Monday, November 5, 2007

Frizz is IN

Walking down the streets of NYC, we spotted a trend that I insist upon bringing back to Chicago.

The Look:
Frizzy, poofy, uncontrolled hair. (Basically, it’s the look I rocked during my "awkward" phase / 3rd - 12th grade).

Get It: Sorry girls, this look is for those blessed with (disturbed by) naturally curly hair. To create it, start with towel dried hair and next – the unthinkable – brush it out and don’t you dare touch that gel or hair serum. Pick up your favorite volumizing mouse and blow dry, while continuously brushing...Trust me, this process worked like a charm during my above mentioned "awkward" decade.

Bottom Line: For this look, you must walk out the door with your head up high, confident that frizz is in. And, trust me, “it’s totally high fashion.”

Warning: According to this week's NYT Style section, the opposite look is in - straight and smooth - but I contend, frizz is in!

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